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This article contains a summary of setting up the N.Rich platform.

Review and execute the agreement

In order to use N.Rich you need to have a valid license agreement. Your N.Rich representative will send you the agreement using Docusign. It consists of the "Order Form" that describes what your license includes and "General Terms", which describe the necessary terms and conditions for the relationship.

See our FAQ for the agreements.

Privacy review

With your permission N.Rich stores and processes personal data of end-users visiting your website or within your marketing automation system in pseudonymized format (id's and account level IP-addresses).

  • From GDPR perspective N.Rich operates as the Data Controller from EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) perspective. The related terms are covered in the "General Terms" appendix of our agreement (section 8, Data Processing) and our Privacy Notice, so no Data Protection Addendum (DPA) is necessary.

  • From the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) perspective, there are no strict guidelines about whether using cookies and IP addresses for targeting advertising is considered as "sale of personal data", but N.Rich still adheres to the CCPA requirements on providing access to Do Not Sell My Personal Data functionality.

Read more about the privacy review here.

Information security review

With your permission, N.Rich stores and processes sales opportunity data, which is often considered as company sensitive data. N.Rich approach to information security is based on ISO/IEC 27002 standard. We are happy to describe our information security practices in more detail informally or as a part of a formal security assessment process. 

Read our FAQ about Information security review here

Install N.Rich tag on your website

N.Rich tag is used for analytics and gathering behavior data for campaign optimization.

  • N.Rich tag is a short Javascript code snippet that can be installed using any tag manager (such as Google Tag Manager or Adobe Tag manager).

  • If your website requires consent from end-users before loading tags, you need to use two N.Rich tags; a cookieless tag, which does not set cookies and a standard tag, which uses cookies and enables richer analytics compared to cookieless tag. Cookieless tag should always be used if end-user consent is required, because without this you will likely lose a lot of valuable analytics data, for example, any data from UTM tags.

 See guideline to setting up the N.Rich tag

Google trademark permissions

N.Rich Cross-Channel ads use Google as a distribution channel. If your organization as a trademark owner has requested Google to prevent unauthorized parties from using your trademarks on their ads, you need to provide N.Rich permission to use them. If this is not done, your ads that include your trademark(s) can’t run and this will negatively impact ABM campaign performance. Granting permission is a manual process using a form Google has provided and it typically takes between 1 to 2 weeks to get the approval.

See the guideline about granting trademark use access to N.RichThe article is now available here: