N.Rich Website Tag 2

This document contains the instructions about setting up N.Rich Tag for your website. Please consult your N.Rich Representative in case of questions or information requirements.

N.Rich Tag

N.Rich Tags are JavaScript code snippets that you should place on every page of your site. When N.Rich ABM Tag is loaded, an N.Rich cookie (3rd party cookie) will be created on the visitor’s browser and if a cookie already exists it will be refreshed, i.e. expiration date set to 2 years of last tag load.


N.Rich ABM Tag is used for advertising optimization, website, and audience (account-based) analytics and audience creation (retargeting) as well as for synchronizing cookies with marketing automation and CRM systems.


N.Rich Tag is collecting the following data:

  1. Person’s website behavior (URL, content, time spent on the page) that can be associated with company data and to intelligent segment data of remarketing

  2. Person’s software and hardware environment, network data (IP address) and location (timezone, locale)

  3. Referral data to the website visit, i.e. the website was visiting immediately before landing to the site

  4. Campaign data included on UTM tags


Audiences generated through N.Rich Tags are used solely for analytics and targeting purposes. However, due to the nature of programmatic buying infrastructure, in order to be able to take advantage of the cookies for targeting of advertising, the cookie ids of the visitors will be distributed to various N.Rich advertising technology partners within the programmatic buying ecosystem. Cookies will never be associated with any Personally Identifiable Information such as name, address, or email address or any other information that is not otherwise publicly available. https://n-rich.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/NK/pages/1418231856


N.Rich ABM Tag is a JavaScript code snippet that you place in the footer of your site, just above the </body> tag. The code snippet has been specially designed to load asynchronously and independently, so it will never block page load. We recommend installing N.Rich ABM Tag using a tag manager, like Google Tag Manager or Adobe Tag Manager and it is strongly recommended to set the priority of N.Rich ABM Tag as high and set its sequence to loading first or as early as possible.

"Cookieless" mode

N.Rich ABM Tag supports cookieless mode. In this mode N.Rich ABM Tag won't set any cookies to the end-users browser for tracking but only reads the IP-address and existing cookies if available. You can find both Cookieless- and Cookie-mode tags from N.Rich user interface and you need to ensure that the Cookieless tag is always fired when no consent for cookies is given and that Cookie-mode tag is used after the consent is given. Both variants of the tag should never be fired on the same page. 

Privacy notice

It is recommended that prior to installation of N.Rich ABM Tag on your website, you will ensure that all legal and privacy requirements of your country related to using cookies and visitor’s behavioral data for collecting analytics as well as for targeting online advertising. Please refer to N.Rich Knowledge Base article: https://n-rich.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/NK/pages/1418231856 and to N.Rich Privacy Notice at: http://n.rich/privacy-notice