Data Storage: GDPR and CCPA Compliance

N.Rich stores data in separate environments (called ‘European platform’ and ‘US platform’) in order to be compliant with:

  1. GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) Policy

  2. CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) Policy

  3. Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework

All the data and infrastructure is isolated, and guaranteed to never leave the customer's region as raw data:

  • User space

  • Statistics

  • Advertising and tracking infrastructure

  • DSP-related applications

Targeting scopes and segments will be shared with bidders through local gateways. The content and display of the advertising widget and the tracking widget are stored in the region chosen by the customer.



Q: My company operates in both regions, which platform should I choose?

A: You need to choose a region with your Customer Success manager.


Q: Can I change the platform afterward?

A: No. You’ll choose which platform you’ll work with your Sales manager and aren’t allowed to change this. After you start an advertising campaign with N.Rich, we won’t be able to properly identify and divide the data to guarantee the necessary compliance.