Referral Program

Get $3000 ad credits for each referred client

N.Rich Referral Program is beneficial for both you and your friend

What you get (in a nutshell)

Your friend’s organization

Your organization


Your friend’s organization

Your organization


$3000 ad credits to be used for N.Rich ad campaigns

$3000 ad credits to be used for N.Rich ad campaigns

A personal thank-you gift


Duration of the deal

  • The program is effective immediately after the contract is signed.

  • The deal is effective for 1 year or until the end of the current subscription term.

  • If the end of the term is getting closer and you don’t renew the contract, the bonus is canceled with the contract.

  • If you renew the contract, the bonus remains in effect.


Terms and Conditions

  • The referred company will have to deposit a minimum of 10k for ad credits (initial deposit, for the 1st Q)

  • The referred company should have a minimum initial license duration of 12 months.


So, what are the next steps?

1. The next step is for you to confirm with the other company that they are interested and introduce N.Rich to them.

2. Once they confirm to you that they are interested in meeting with us, you can give your dedicated CS their details. Just some basic information: 

  • name of the company

  • contact’s first and last name

  • job title

  • email address

  • phone number is great as well

3. CS will set up an appointment as soon as possible.

4. When the contract is signed, we’ll add the ad credits to your N.Rich balance.


If you already have some companies in mind, but you’re not sure they are aware of ABM…

That won’t be a big issue. Before engaging in the whole process we will introduce them to ABM in general and also they will have a free trial period during which they will learn about all the features and benefits of N.Rich. Not only that, but before signing anything, we offer free Diagnostics, so our experts will help them to:

  1. Create Target Account List

  2. Estimate of existing hidden demand

  3. Recommended ABM budget + practical execution advice

All that with no strings attached.

If you are interested, reach out to your CS manager!