Account Segment Push to CRM

This feature is currently available only for customers using HubSpot CRM

Account Segment Synchronization is a powerful feature introduced by N.Rich within its account-based marketing platform. This feature empowers customers to seamlessly push account segments from the N.Rich platform to their HubSpot CRM, facilitating the creation of valuable company records in their CRM.

Use Case
The primary use case for the Account Segment Synchronization feature is Account Discovery. By leveraging intent data to identify and prioritize new accounts, users can create valuable segments and push the accounts in the segments directly to their CRM. Similarly, users can create account segments based on high-intent website visitors and take the next best actions in their CRMs.

Key Benefits

  1. Take Action on New Accounts: Utilize intent data to discover new accounts getting ready to buy and take action on them within your CRM.

  2. Streamlined CRM Integration: Seamlessly create identified accounts in your HubSpot CRM for centralized management and engagement.

  3. Dynamic Segmentation: Build dynamic segments based on buyer behavior, facilitating targeted drip campaigns and sales cadences



  • The account must have an existing active HubSpot CRM integration

  • The “Auto-sync Hubspot Company ID” toggle must be enabled so that the N.Rich platform can associate CRM records with company records in N.Rich. This also enables the feature to estimate how many new accounts should be created by identifying duplicates.

Feature Capabilities

  1. Segment Selection: Users can select which account segments they want to synchronize with their HubSpot CRM. This flexibility allows for targeted account discovery based on specific criteria.

  2. Automated Account Creation: Enable automatic creation of CRM records for identified accounts, streamlining the synchronization process and ensuring real-time updates.

  3. Manual Account Creation: Alternatively, users have the option to manually push identified accounts to their CRM. This manual control allows for greater customization and oversight. When users apply a segment selection, the manual push button will estimate the number of new accounts that can be created and users can click the button to push the accounts. Users can optionally choose to download the records, check or edit them before importing them to HubSpot.

Account Segment Synchronization/Push Feature in CRM Settings (HubSpot Only)

Getting Started:

To begin using the Account Segment Synchronization feature, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Account Settings and then the CRM Settings tab within the N.Rich platform.

  2. Enable the Auto-sync Hubspot Company ID toggle first

  3. Enable the Account Creation in HubSpot toggle

  4. Select the desired segments you wish to synchronize with your HubSpot CRM.

  5. Choose your preferred synchronization method: automatic account creation or manual account push.

  6. Save your changes

  7. Monitor the synchronization process and access synchronized accounts within your HubSpot CRM for further engagement.


Creating the company records in the CRM may take a while depending on how big the segments are. Once users have initiated the creation, they should save any changes applied and can safely leave the settings page.

Once accounts are created in HubSpot CRM, they aren’t deleted when the accounts are removed from a segment.

With Account Segment Synchronization, N.Rich provides customers with a powerful tool for leveraging intent data and driving account discovery. By seamlessly integrating identified accounts with HubSpot CRM, users can unlock valuable insights and streamline their sales and marketing workflows for enhanced effectiveness and efficiency.



  • Who can access this feature?
    This feature is available only for users with an admin role.

  • Should I use manual or automatic account creation?
    We recommend you start with manual account creation to control and monitor the number and quality of accounts being created. You can also align the creation process with your internal CRM Admin processes like account assignment. You can optionally download the accounts through the Download net new accounts feature to review and manipulate the account data to match your enrichment process before importing them to HubSpot.

  • How long does the account creation process take?
    This depends on the number of new accounts available for pushing. Usually, for less than 100 accounts the process can take 10-15 minutes. Although the account creation process is throttled a bit because of limitations at the HubSpot API level, users can safely leave the CRM Settings pages after initiating the process. To confirm that the process is complete, users can refresh the page, select their segment and click the refresh button to get a new estimate. If the estimate is still the same, this means that the process is still ongoing.

  • What company properties are populated in HubSpot CRM through this feature?
    Supported account data:

    • Name

    • Company domain name

    • Website URL

  • Are the company properties listed in the manual exports also used to enrich HubSpot CRM accounts?
    No, the integration uses the company name, domain name and website URL
    only for creating the accounts. HubSpot enriches any other company attributes.

  • How often are accounts created when the account segment synchronization is set to Automatic account creation?
    The system will check for and create new accounts once per day.

  • Do you migrate the account grouping relationships when pushing accounts to HubSpot?
    No, we currently cannot support/create parent-child relationships when creating accounts in the CRM.

  • How does the feature detect duplicates/existing accounts?
    The feature uniquely identifies accounts based on the company domain and will not create new accounts if the company domain for a company record in HubSpot matches an account in one of the selected segments. The feature estimates how many net new accounts can be created based on this matching mechanism through the manual account creation estimates.

  • The feature only creates new accounts that aren’t already in my CRM. What about existing accounts?
    For existing accounts, the CRM integration will push account engagement data only for accounts that pop up in the default intent report. This prevents multiple intent reports and overlapping account engagement data from being pushed to CRM records. You can set a default intent report for the integration in Account Settings, Intent tab.

  • How can I see a list of companies created by the integration in HubSpot?
    The feature uses a company property called “Is N.Rich Account” under the “N.Rich” category and sets the value to “True”. You can create a single object report in HubSpot for the company object and use the filter “Is N.Rich account” and set it to “True” to see the accounts created by the feature.
    You can do this by navigating to: Reporting → Reports → My Reports → Create Report → Create reports from scratch → Select Single Object → Select Companies → Filters → Add Filter → Select “Is N.Rich Account”, set property to “True” → Apply Filter → Add relevant company properties → Save Report.

    Note: The “Is N.Rich Account” property is automatically created by the integration therefore not needing user intervention.

Use “Is N.Rich account” filter when building a company based report