Salesforce Integration


Salesforce integration is used for synchronising opportunity-, account- and product data from Salesforce into N.Rich to be used for targeting, analytics and optimization.

Setting up

Salesforce integration can be done by simply clicking on INTEGRATE button on N.Rich setup (Setup / Basic settings / Salesforce CRM Integration) and authenticating in with a Salesforce API user.

Here are the steps that you need to ensure when creating the user:

  1. For security reasons, instead of using shared credentials and a shared user, it is recommended to create a dedicated user for N.Rich

  2. The Salesforce user must have read access to SFDC API including Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities objects as well as any objects used for identifying product-association of opportunities.

  3. You need to add the following N.Rich IP addresses as trusted from SFDC (see



Security and Privacy Considerations

N.Rich Salesforce integration does not write anything to the Salesforce instance and it is only used for reading data. No personal data, such as email or other contact details are stored. The integration has been granted an official security review acceptance from Salesforce and you can find the App Exchange listing here: Please also review and