Cross Channel Ads: Google Trademark Approval Tutorial


Google provides a mechanism for trademark owners to prevent unauthorized use of their trademarks by third-party advertisers. Google does not recognize trademark automatically, but tradermark-owners need to submit a complaint with a special form in order for Google to recognize the trademark. Once the trademark complaint has been processed by Google, it won’t be possible to use the trademark on Google’s ads by any unauthorized parties. Google does not provide a method for finding out if a word is, indeed, recognized as a trademark in their systems. If you are unsure whether your trademark is recognized by Google, we recommend following the pre-authorization process described in this article. Through following the process you will be informed by Google whether the trademark is in their records or not.


In order to run ads on Google using N.Rich Cross-Channel ads any trademarks that are recognized by Google within the ad copy or images need to be pre-approved. Unless this is done, the ads will be rejected won’t be allowed to run. The trademark approval process is manual and requires submitting a form to Google. Processing of the form typically takes about one week. Please note that this process may take up to several weeks, so N.Rich strongly recommends completing it as the very first step after executing N.Rich license agreement.

Process description

  1. Verify internally which registered trademarks may need to be used on the cross channel ads. Please note the requirements from Google:

    1. We (Google) only accept authorization requests directly from the trademark owner or from the contact person listed on the trademark complaint. We are not able to accept requests from regional branches or subsidiaries of the trademark owner unless they are the contact person listed on the trademark complaint form or previously authorized by the trademark owner.

    2. We (Google) only accept non-conditional authorization requests. Therefore, please do not include conditions for which the trademark may only be used, such as time period or type of ad content. We are only able to prohibit or allow all use of a particular term by an advertiser. Trademark owners may revoke the authorization at any time.

  2. Go to web form:

  3. On the page inquiring “Are you the owner of the trademark or the contact person listed in the Google Ads trademark complaint?” Choose Yes

  4. On the page requesting for contact details. Make sure to use the details of a “previously authorized by the trademark owner” as required by Google

    1. Choose the appropriate option: If you are the trademark owner, choose “I'm the trademark owner as indicated in the trademark registration”. If you are not the Trademark owner, choose “Other”

    2. Fill in your contact details and if you chose Other on (a), the trademark owner details.

  5. On the Trademark Details page, please add ALL related trademarks. Use the “+ Add Entry” button to add more lines to the form.

  6. On the page requesting the Authorized Entities add the number 498-712-0060 (this is the number of N.Rich system managed Google Manager Account). Make sure to check the checkbox: “I authorize all current and future accounts belonging to this or these advertiser(s).”

  7. On the Clarifications page, make sure to check the checkbox: “I represent that the information in this notification is true and correct and that I am the authorized trademark owner or the contact person listed on the trademark complaint.”

Adding your Trademark to Google’s records

If you want to add your trademark to Google’s records, you are going to have to file a complaint using this online complaint form. The form also includes questions about whether or not you have spotted some unauthorized use of your trademark and provide examples of those. If you don’t have such examples, you can still submit the form, but it is not certain that Google will process it. The processing time for such requests is typically 3-4 business days, but can also take longer.