Guidelines for adding new intent topics

In exceptional circumstances, if you are not able to find topics relevant for your offering from the N.Rich Intent Topic taxonomy, it’s possible to request to add no more than 20 new topics or companies into the taxonomy. Please coordinate this process with your N.Rich Customer Success representative.

General guidelines for intent topics

The general guideline for choosing and adding topics is to be specific, but not too specific. The reason for this is that if you use too generic topics, the intent captured related to such topics can be interpreted in many ways and is not useful. The problem with too specific topics is that it is highly likely that such terms can rarely be found in online media and will not produce any intent data. A good way to check if your term is too generic is to look at Google search results for the specific term, example: “Internet Of Things (IoT)” returns more than 300M results and is rather generic, whereas “Industrial IoT” returns 4.5M results and is much better. If the search term returns less than 10K results, it is clearly too specific.

Adding new intent topics

Before adding a new topic, please make sure that you can’t find a synonymous or a very similar topic from the taxonomy, e.g. “web”, “www”, “internet”. Adding such topics will be redundant as they are already taken into account in the background.

When adding new intent topics, it’s essential to ensure that all topics are specific without ambiguity. This is why the following guidelines must be followed:

  1. Always add both Parent category and Category for each topic. This is to ensure that the context of the topic is clear and specific.

  2. When adding companies, you need to add three things; a short name of the company, full name of the company as well as the web domain, e.g. IBM, International Business Machines Corporation,

  3. When adding acronyms, always add the full term as well as the acronym in parenthesis, for example, “Certified Public Accountant (CPA)”, or “Capital Expenditure (CapEx)”

Please ensure to use the Excel template found on this page to add topics. The file should be submitted to your N.Rich CS representative for review.

Downloadable templates

Template for adding new topics and companies

General N.Rich intent topic taxonomy