Introduction to Website Tracking



N.Rich uses an HTML tag to track visitor behavior on your website. The tag is an essential component of gathering the essential account-level buyer journey data that is used for intent data, analytics, advertising personalization, and for synchronizing cookies with Marketing Automation and CRM systems.

N.Rich tag supports two modes; Cookieless and Standard.
The tag in the Cookieless mode does not set cookies and only uses other available data points, such as IP addresses and pre-existing cookies. The Cookieless mode must be used when the visitor has not provided consent for cookies.
The tag installed in Standard mode sets cookies and enables more granular, cookie-based analytics, and advertising personalization. The Standard tag may only be used after the user has provided informed and explicit consent. Read more here: here:


Where is the N.Rich tag used?

N.Rich tag is used on client websites and through N.Rich programmatic advertising distribution. The client websites account for less than 10% of the overall data generated by N.Rich tag.

About the tag

The N.Rich Website Tag is a JavaScript code snippet that you place in the footer of your site, just above the closing </body> tag. The code snippet has been specially designed to load asynchronously and independently, so it will never block page load. We recommend installing N.Rich Website Tag using a tag manager, like Google Tag Manager or Adobe Tag Manager. It is strongly recommended to set the priority of the Tag as high as possible and set its sequence to loading first or as early as possible.

It is recommended to install the tag in both cookieless and standard mode. A typical method of setting up the tag on common tag managers is to use the “cookie-consent” cookie as the rule, i.e. if cookie-consent doesn’t exist, use the Cookieless mode and if cookie-consent equals 1, use the Standard mode. Please read more here:

Data Privacy 

N.Rich tag is fully EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) compliant. N.Rich uses consent as the primary basis of creating cookies and personalizing advertising. The consents are received through Internet Advertising Boureau’s IAB Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) and N.Rich customer websites. N.Rich is listed on IAB’s vendor list with the ID 20 (N Technologies Inc) and N Technologies is also a signatory of IAB CCPA Compliance Framework.

Audiences generated through N.Rich Tag is used solely for analytics and targeting purposes. However, due to the nature of programmatic buying infrastructure, in order to be able to take advantage of the cookies for targeting of advertising, the cookie ids of the visitors will be distributed to various N.Rich advertising technology partners within the programmatic buying ecosystem. Cookies may also be associated with Personally Identifiable Information such as name, address, or email address or any other information that is not otherwise publicly available. Read more about N.Rich approach to data privacy:

When creating or updating our cookie on the end users browser N.Rich also creates an additional informational cookie that contains a link to N.Rich Privacy Notice and Opt-Out ensuring that they are always available for the end-user, regardless of the circumstances. Additionally, N.Rich respects browsers' "Do Not Track" (DNT) standard (

Where does N.Rich store my data?

N.Rich's primary data centers are in France and Germany (Europe). In addition to these primary data centers, N.Rich also has data centers in the United States (Americas) and Singapore (Asia) that enable regional distribution of advertising.

As a part of a valid cookie consent, it is highly recommended that the website owner informs the end-user about how N.Rich processes personal data. On the client websites, the cookie-consent banner should include a link to the website cookie consent or privacy notice. For the cookie consent to be valid, either of these documents must include links to N.Rich’s Privacy Notice ( and opt-out ( Here are some examples of how to phrase this notice;

Option 1:

We work with our partners to provide targeted advertising and behavioural analytics of our current and potential customers. When you visit our website, or engage with a marketing email sent by us, your browsing activities may be tracked through cookies. Cookie-based data may be shared and exchanged with our partners for the aforementioned purposes. You can discontinue this data collection at any time by adjusting your browser settings or by opting out at our partner's site (see below).

Advertising and analytics partner[s]

N Technologies Inc. ( | Privacy notice: | Opt-out:

Option 2:

N.Rich— These cookies allow us to analyse how you use our website and to show you ads across the internet so that we can provide more relevant content for you. N.Rich permits you to opt out from use of these cookies here and you can read N.Rich Privacy Notice here.

Option 3:

Use of N.Rich ABM Tag On our website we use a N.Rich ABM Tag from N Technologies Inc. ( N.Rich associates end user behaviour data to the specific company's IP address, which is being used for the website visit or that the visitor has used before browsing other websites including N.Rich Tag. Furthermore, N.Rich associates your behaviour to a cookie stored to your browser enabling tracking you on consecutive sessions on our website and on other websites including N.Rich Tag. N.Rich enables us to gather analytical data about your interests towards our content and offerings on our website and on other websites with N.Rich tag. N.Rich further enables us to target personalised advertising to you based on your company association and other data that could help us deliver more relevant content and advertising. The data gathered may also be associated with your direct personal details such as name and email, as long as we have a legal permission and purpose to do so. The data is saved and processed by N Technologies in accordance to N Technologies Privacy Notice: You can opt-out at any time from being tracked by N.Rich Tag either by using N.Rich Opt-out form: or by enabling your browsers Do Not Track feature.

Please find below some examples of how the recommended information has been added to some of our client's Privacy Notices. To review the relevant section, please use the “find” functionality with the word: "N.Rich".

Data points

N.Rich Tag gathers the following data points;

  1. Unique identifier of the visitor’s browser (cookie)

    1. NOTE: the cookie is only created when the N.Rich Tag in standard mode is used. The tag in the Cookieless mode will only be reading the cookie if already available, but not creating it.

  2. Visitor’s association with an organization (account)

    1. Based on the data N.Rich has of the visitor, N.Rich will associate the visitor’s cookie to a specific organization or company (account). When a cookie is not available (cookieless mode), the visitor can’t be uniquely identified and any data collected will only be associated with the visitor’s account.

  3. Visitor’s website behavior

    1. Referring URL including all parameters

    2. Visited URL including all parameters

    3. URL parameters of both referring and visited URL including for example UTM-tags

    4. Scrolling of the visited page

    5. The timestamp for the beginning and the end of the visit on the page and for the session (session data will only be available when cookies available)

    6. Custom in-page event data determined by N.Rich customer, in-page actions like clicks or video views (requires a custom setup)

    7. Custom page categorization data determined by N.Rich customer

  4. Visitor’s software and hardware environment

    1. Relevant HTTP headers (

    2. IP-address

    3. Geo-location (based on IP-address)

    4. User-agent (i.e. browser)

    5. Timezone, language, country

    6. Browser and screen width and height

    7. Do-not-track (DNT) header

  5. Marketing automation system data (when integration is enabled)

    1. Marketing automation system unique user identifier (only when using Standard tag)

3rd party tags

N.Rich uses Google, Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter to deliver advertising to end-users. This is why, when using Standard Tag, N.Rich Tag also loads Google Analytics Tag and Facebook pixel when necessary.

N.Rich Cookies

N.Rich uses 3 main cookies, which are described in the table below;










Cookie-ID: Unique identifier of the user's browser. Used for analytics and optimization of targeted advertising.

540 days


Link to N.Rich Privacy Notice and Opt-out page. Informational cookie.

540 days


Stores the name of the data controller in encrypted format

540 days


Optional: if the user has opted out, only this cookie will be set and retained



Optional: If, under CCPA, user has opted out from selling his/her data.


N.Rich cookies have an expiration date of 540 days. The expiration is refreshed every time the N.Rich Standard Tag is loaded for a specific cookie.

Disclaimer: N Technologies Oy cannot be held liable for misconfigurations of N.Rich Tags, when setting up the N.Rich Tag on your website, as an N.Rich client you will bear the sole responsibility of setting it up in a correct way that complies with the applicable legislation, for example, EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), EU ePrivacy or California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA).