About N.Rich Platform Training

New N.Rich customers are provided with platform training during onboarding sessions. Review the content below to make sure you are prepared to make the most out of your training sessions.

ABM Pilot Guide

You may download the Pilot Guide below that outlines milestones, onboarding preparation requirements & some best practice tips to help streamline the pilot.

The N.Rich platform training is a hands-on one-hour virtual session, in which you will learn how to use the basic functions of N.Rich platform. Please review the pre-requirements in order to make the training efficient for yourself and others:

N.Rich login access; Please ensure you have N.Rich credentials, you remember the password and are able to log in on https://app.nrich.ai/. If you don’t have the credentials or are not able to log in for any reason, please inform support@n.rich at the latest 24 hours before the training.

The assets you need before the training:

Import/demo segments - you need these to create sample segments.

  1. A few website addresses of accounts that you may want to target.

  2. Save the enclosed Excel file on your computer and if you prefer, edit the file content and add your own custom accounts.

Demo content/ad formats - you need these to create sample ads.

  1. Have at least two different images available in .jpg format and with a size larger than 1200x628 px and smaller than 5MB. You can use any images for this purpose.

  2. Have some textual content available, a product page, landing page, article, or similar. In the training you are going to repurpose the content as follows:

    1. 1500 - 2500 character Native Article

    2. At least 3 different headlines (30 characters) and descriptions (80 characters) for a Cross Channel Ad (template enclosed)

    3. A Youtube video link or an mp4 video file that is no larger than 2MB for a Native Video.

    4. A URL to which you would like to use as an example landing page.