User Management and Account Setup

User accounts

Your N.Rich representative will create an administrator user account for you. You will receive an email from, which will include a link for setting up your password. If you don’t receive the email, please check your junk email folder. The email expires in 24 hours, so please make sure to act immediately. As an administrator you can add more user accounts to N.Rich by using the Manage Users functionality on the top right corner of N.Rich control panel under your email address.

N.Rich account setup

In order to start using your account effectively, you need to add your company details to N.RIch Account Setup found under your name on the top right corner. Here need to add a Business name and logo used on some ad formats and also add any domains your company is using. Domains are included to ensure analytics is able to filter your internal traffic from relevant traffic.

Please watch the enclosed video tutorial about completing these two steps: